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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Make and Take Gals Magic: Chocolate Covered Oreos with Transfer Designs!

Make and Take was at MJ's place this month. A scorching 85 degree day in Portland and we were able to relax and enjoy the beautiful breeze coming through the window. We caught up with the summer happenings over coconut milk parfaits, then on to a yummy project.

Chocolate covered Oreos with cocobutter design transfers. They work just like our childhood tatoos that we applied with water, but these of course are with chocolate. We tried a couple methods. Our cookie molds had a raised image: LOVE. So we tried some with and without. To have a flat surface we simply put a round disk of the transfer plastic with the design on the bottom, cocobutter facing up so that it would transfer onto the hot tablespoon of chocolate that went in next.

Once the chocolate was put into each mold the pounding commenced. This ensured no air bubbles and a level top surface where the design would be imprinted.

Finally to off the mold with more chocolate and give another tapping to get the air out. Place in freezer 10 minutes until set.

Once solid, pop out onto a cookie sheet and remove the plastic backing from the transfer. Walaa, beautiful Oreo cookies for any special occasion. 

Lunch time! We liked the chocolate off our fingers and sat down to a vegetarian quinoa medley with Pear and Blue Cheese Flat bread. My bad, I forgot about dessert so baked a pumpkin pie and served with ice cream. A bit early for fall dessert, but there we are... loved every bite!

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