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Saturday, November 9, 2013

Snowman Candy Wraps for Holiday Gifting!

The Make and Take Gals have been busy with underground activities this month. Here is a darling and affordable gift for teachers, neighbors, hostess, or to tuck some cash into for that favorite service person. How about these darling faces poking out from your Christmas socking on Christmas morning?

Supplies List

1. Knit Gloves
2. Hershey’s 4.4 oz. milk chocolate bar
3. Double sided tape
4. Snowman paper wrap
5. Regular scotch tape
6. Ribbon
5/8” for belt
1/8” for bow on “glove” hat
7. Decoration for the front of the belt.
8. Hot glue gun

1. Print out snowman paper wrap on a color printer. Trim to 7-1/4” high by
9-1/2” wide, keeping the snowman print in the middle.
2. With regular tape, tape down the corner flaps of the chocolate bar, so that they do not stick up over the “wrap”.
3. Center snowman on chocolate bar, fold and crease edges. Using double sided tape, tape the wrap securely.
4. Put one glove on the snowman’s head. Use a small piece of double stick tape under the front of the glove to hold in place.
5. Tuck second glove in the back of the first glove. Fold glove over from sides so that it does not show from the front.
6. Wrap the 5/8” ribbon around “Snowman” waist. Make sure that the ribbon goes over the back glove to hold it in place. Pull securely and affix in the front with a small dot of hot glue. Be careful not to burn your fingers.
7. Affix the decoration to the front of the belt with a small dot of hot glue.
8. Tie a bow on the glove to make the snowman hat with the 1/8” ribbon. Measure and cut the ribbon. Pull the ribbon taut so that all of the fingers some together to form the hat.

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