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Saturday, June 25, 2011

14th Annual Holiday Cookie Exchange, December 2008

Let the merriment begin! My 14th annual cookie exchange launched me into the holiday spirit last night with dozens of beautiful cookie packages and dear friends fighting over ornaments in the stealing game! It has been a tradition that has brought us all together for at least a once a year check-in. As we gather and unload our goodie baskets our families are waiting back home by the door in anticipation of the delectable variety of treats soon to return. In the beginning all these cookies were a great way to prepare for teacher, neighbor, and special people gifts. It allowed us to stock the freezer for holiday parties yet to come. As I look back over the years it is the faces I remember, funny moments, and dear stories of those I cherish. I know the cookies were good too, but the joy of baking with family and friends and then celebrating in the rewards will live on in my memories forever.

Our custom is for each guest to bake 6-dozen cookies and package in sets of 6 cookies each, with a holiday flare. Then at the party we set the cookies out, enjoy eating some yummy treats while we catch up on all the news, and then roll up our sleeves and dive into the ornament exchange. A mystery pile of wrapped packages, one from each guest, and numbers pulled from a basket by each gal sets the order of play. The game begins, selecting a package or stealing one from someone else who has chosen. Two steals and it is yours to keep. By the end of this free-for-all we have worked up our appetites yet again and go back to the savories this time. We close the party with the cookie swap; each gal leaving with 12 unique packages filled with mini-master pieces of holiday treats!
My teakettle is whistling, so it is time to go sample one of Pam's Cherry Tassies! Tomorrow I have my eye on Ins' creative cranberry butter cookies! Oh the joy...someone's gotta do it!
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~ MJ
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