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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Make and Take, April 14, 2011

April Make and Take Goes Viral!

 Enjoy this months project on video...

The Make and Take Gals have formally partnered and will be producing video segments so others can join our great Make and Take sessions!  Look for our new format coming this fall!

This month's Make and Take was at my home with with a bit of the Easter Bunny runny amuk. We started with delicious carrot cake muffins from Elephants deli. Amazing!

 After hot tea and catching up we launched into our butter molds from Poland.  Darling little chicks soon formed and with some effort, popped out of our molds.  Pam is hoping to improve the process for us by discovering what tricks may be held in Google for this art form.

(Chick wooden molds)

Once we cleaned up the slippery mess and tucked the chicks in their refrigerator coop we started the big project for the meeting...Adult sewing cards.  I saw this idea in Country Living magazine and thought it would be a beautiful art for gifts.  Starting with heavy water color paper and an enlarged photo we traced the image onto the watercolor paper by poking holes through all the layers.  Afterward we sewed them with a running back stitch.  Watch for future postings to see all the finished projects.

Our Sample that I had made to test the idea.

 It did not take long to work up an appetite and and sore fingers.  Lunch was Lime Tortilla Soup, Chicken Tortellini Salad, and Onion Cheese bread.  We tried the new Smith Tea Fruitfusion drink and finished up with a Coconut Pineapple Pound Cake with Wild Blue Berry Sorbet...yummers! The place cards were baskets of flowers and the gals names sewn onto a leaf.

Hope these help to plan some of your Easter ideas for gathering around the table!

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