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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Annual Make and Take Christmas Tea, December 15, 2008

December Tea

Today was Pam's 6th annual Christmas Tea for our Make and Take group and this year was extra special. We usually gather around the wonderful tea table at the Tea Zone in downtown Portland, but this year we were snow bound. It was 20 degrees and an inch of ice on the roads with snow laden houses and trees everywhere! So what could be done...

Well, Pam hosted us at her home and we had a wonderful time! I gathered up Poh and we inched our way in my 4-wheel drive, and safely landed at her door step where Jean walked over from next door. Yes it was a risky move, but I only have 2 days left to enjoy the parties before flying off to Christmas in sunny and hot Peru!

The Tea Party was spent enjoying a lovely plate of yummies and some hot cider, to really shake up our tradition! Each of us has brought a tea cup, filled, and then wrapped. We have a $10 budget to get creative with. Pam then assigns a number to each package; we go around the table and roll a dice; whoever rolls 1 takes package number 1, and so on. No one ever takes their own. This years creations were so unique and festive. Jean had been to China for the summer and brought back a beautiful Chinese themed cup and flowering tea balls, Poh had spent Thanksgiving in Japan and had fun shopping at the local kitchen market, Pam put together a surprise that I received, which was coincidentally a mug I had my eye on that she did not even know about, and I provided a heart shaped cup and saucer filled with a tube decorated like a Santa filled with hot cocoa makings. We were all so pleased with our surprises and the casual atmosphere Pam had created for us in her lovely, over the top festive home that I vote we always have it at her house! Merry Christmas dear friends!

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