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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Field Trip to the Heathman Hotel, December 18, 2009

Christmas Present, Past and Future! Tea at The Heathman!

Today MJ's family celebrated Christmas early! We broke all the traditions and made what time we have work for us. We slept in, Alex and I went and got Mani/Pedis together and then we swooped back home to get the man of the house and go to an elegant tea at the Heathman Hotel in downtown Portland. Arriving right on the dot, we were ushered into the beautiful salon where the gorgeous Christmas tree stands in the corner by the staircase. All ages of women and girls filled the room with a few brave men sprinkled in the mix. Christmas Present is filled with all things grown up as we order our champagne before tea!

As we settled in and unfurled our crisp white linen napkins, small girls with beautiful Christmas dresses that rustled as they passed our table, giggled and looked around with great anticipation as they tried to be OH SO grown up! All those red wool coats and layers of lace brought back memories of Christmas Past and our own sweet girl's giggles! Soft music played and the hummmm of the conversations around us made for a relaxing conversation. As you can see from our beautiful tiered serving plates, we did not want for a thing!

All to soon our party came to an end and it was home to open gifts and share moments under the twinkle lights on the tree. Santa had come early and left some nice surprises for each of us, but none more precious then being together. As Alex prepares to head south to Peru to see her grandparents and cousins for Christmas and New Years, the hubs and I will be heading north to share Christmas with my mom and siblings. As we go off in different directions I am feeling a glimpse of Christmas future when Alex is truly out in the world on her own, and the vision is bittersweet.

I am making the most of the moments we have, which is not always easy when you feel them slipping away. Sweet and cherished, I want more and there is the rub!

Thank you St. Nick for a week of blessings and family!

~ MJ
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