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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Make and Take January 28, 2009

January Make and Take

Today, the Make and Take group had a wonderful time with the projects Pam had planned for us. These darling little cupcake doggies were inspired by her father's 70th birthday gift cake to her mother. Pam's is the professional looking dog on the circle round with sweet! Mine is the novice one with the bow, that by chance, turned out with LO VE showing on both that! We were all very proud of our furry creations and amazed at how well we did with cake piping, having never done it before!

To create these little guys we placed two cup cakes snugged up to each other; coated them with fudge frosting; then piped frosting from top to bottom all the way around (the serated tip creating the texture), remembering to create the part on the top. Next we added a tail; some white frosting dollops with choco-chips pressed in for the eyes and nose; a heart candy for the tongue and finally added the fudge eyebrows, ears, and facial detail. Too darn cute!

For lunch, Pam made a yummy pasta with pomegranate studded salad in red-heart shaped bowls, whole nut and seed bread, surrounded by a festive Valentine theme table setting. Dessert rolled onto our plates with two different jelly roll style cakes , one filled with an incredible peanut butter mouse and the other with magic bar like ingredients baked into the cake. Cupid would be proud! The name tags for our place settings were made from a glass heart filled with beautiful Valentine Gorp to take home. We also made Rice Krispi treats and Choco-chip Cookie treats on sticks to put in our college boxes to the kids. Woo Whoo! Another festive Make and Take...thanks Pam!

~ MJ
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