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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Field Trip to De Pablos House, January 5, 2010

Mexican Rosca Celebration! The Three Kings!

On the eve of the Three Kings, it is tradition in Mexico to share the Rosca bread with steaming hot chocolate.  The Mexican hot chocolate was spiced with cinnamon.  The special sweet bread is only made on this special day.  Hidden inside are 6 plastic baby Jesus'.  This symbolism represents when baby Jesus had to be hidden from Herod.  Each guest slices a piece of bread and if you cut through the doll you are obligated to prepare tamales on Feb. 2, Candlemas, to share with everyone.  The cutting is the symbolism of the danger to the baby.  As we each cut the bread we sighed with relief when we did not get the doll and laughed when someone did!  It was great fun!  Monica and Victor shared the stories of when they were children and how they celebrated at home, always with Rosca bread!  Thank you both for including us in this beautiful celebration!  Jaime's slice had a doll, so it looks like he will be helping the others prepare the yummy tamales on the 2nd!

Feliz Anos!

~ Come Gather Around The Table!

~ MJ
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